5 Steps to Throw a Virtual Party

You may feel disappointed if someone you know is celebrating a birthday. You may also be concerned about how to host a party during a pandemic. It’s now easier than ever thanks to new technology and online event planning tools, constantly evolving. Learn how to throw an unforgettable virtual birthday party. Continue reading!

This post will discuss a few ways you can make your annual celebration memorable. These tips and tricks will help you plan a virtual party for your best friend or your sister, as well as the head of your company.

These 5 tips will show you how to throw a virtual party.

Plan some pre-planning.

A virtual party is a great way to celebrate your birthday. It doesn’t take as much planning or preparation as an in-person event. You will need the following things to make a seamless virtual party:

  • Choose the right platform. A virtual birthday party can be hosted on Zoom, FaceTime or Houseparty. Zoom is the preferred platform because it’s easy to access. However, it’s fine to use another platform. Send instructions and a link to anyone new to the technology.
  • A guestlist. Virtual birthday parties are more flexible and open-ended than traditional in-person events. You can invite family and friends from any part of the world  so long as they have internet access and are available to the party. Many platforms can accommodate anywhere from one to fifty guests. The activities you choose will depend on how many people you invite. Keep it below 15 for deep conversations or more intimate games.
  • Invitations. There’s no need to be extravagant. You can either send a group email or use an online invitation maker to get more involved. Everyone should be informed when, how and where to dial in. Also, how to prepare. This is where you can tell everyone if there is a theme or supplies they will need.

Choose a theme.

Online parties don’t have to be boring. Choose a theme for decorations, food, and Zoom backgrounds to make the extra party special. Perhaps the guest of honor is a fan of vacations on the beach. Perhaps they are looking for a relaxing virtual gathering in the Swiss Alps. Any theme and any location are possible.

It is a good idea to give your guests information about the theme and ideas for how they can participate from their homes when planning your virtual birthday bash. You can have fun by decorating the space behind the Zoom backgrounds, setting up Zoom backgrounds and wearing costumes.


It is very similar to decorating an in-person party, but the scale of decorating a virtual party is smaller. If they choose to use virtual backgrounds, guests can only see a small portion of the room behind them. Photos, balloon arches, paper streamers and candles are great party decorations that will make your guests feel at ease.

Consider including cards from guests or a sign that includes their names, as well as a special symbol, in your background. Your thoughtfulness and effort to make the scene festive will be appreciated by them.

Plan your menu.

You may want to make food delivery part of your party. Let guests know this in your invitations. You can surprise the guest of honor with a complimentary meal. You might be surprised to learn that the guest of honor loves the Mexican fajitas at the Mexican restaurant right next door. Order to have them delivered right before the party starts.

You can also make food part of the celebration by having cookie exchanges (plan it ahead and then eat it during the party), recipe swaps, recipe exchanges or a cooking class given by one of your guests (or a professional) or even a fun cooking contest.

You can play some games.

While it’s great to have a Zoom chat with everyone and catch up, you might need a little more structure to keep the party moving and the participants interested. You can use a game to break up between activities, provide an icebreaker for guests who don’t know one another well and cap off the party.

You can play many wonderful games online. Some games, such as 20 Questions, Two Truths, a Lie, and Would You Rather, don’t require advanced preparation. Some, such as trivia, an escape game, or bingo, require a little more preparation, but they are still very easy to do.

Send any supplies required for the virtual birthday party game via email or postal mail at least one week before the event. Let guests know what they will need, such as printing a bingo ticket.

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