Amazing Event Lighting Ideas

Lekos, PAR and LEDs are the most popular types of special event lighting. You can also use other lighting designs for special events, regardless of whether you have worked with them. These are tips you can use for any event, indoors or out.

Outdoor Event Lighting Tips for Success

Outdoor events can expose your lighting to the elements, so it is important to think outside the box when considering power sources. These best practices will help you overcome these problems and maximize outdoor event lighting design.

  1. You have two best friends: solar-powered and battery-powered. Make sure to have spare batteries ready for the day. You should also test your solar-powered lights before you use them. This will allow you to verify their effectiveness in low-light areas such as entryways.
  2. Get LED candles to light up the night. They can be placed anywhere regular wax candles would be. These are some amazing ideas for decorating using flameless candles.
  3. Ask the venue for information about power sources and whether they will need to rent a generator. Also, ask what options are available for grounding hanging lights.

Let’s now address indoor lighting issues.

Indoor Event Lighting Tips Worth Considering

Indoor lighting is unlimited. You can be as creative and practical as you like with it. Here are some indoor lighting best practice tips to remember.

  1. Double-check with the venue before you use candles. You might find a policy against open flames in closed spaces.
  2. The venue manager can recommend lighting companies. A person who has rented equipment before will be familiar with the space and what is possible.
  3. You will still need to visit the event venue at the same time as your event, especially if there are many windows that can affect the amount of daylight entering. It’s amazing how much natural lighting can make a big difference to natural lighting at 2 pm. This is especially true if the windows face West.

These are the basics of lighting. Here are some more ideas to add to your next event.

Amazing Ideas for Event Lighting

These suggestions can be used to complete your event’s decor.

As chandeliers, suspend votives.

Do you want to add some drama and glamour to your lighting design? These votive candle chandeliers are a great way to add drama and glamour to your lighting design.

Combining LED washing machines, gobos and moving lights.

Even if you don’t have much space, this combination can set the mood, entertain guests and draw attention to structural details. To help you choose the right one for you, here’s a brief overview of professional moving lights.

Garlands can be made with fairy lights and greenery.

These DIY natural light displays include lights in many creative ways that can be easily reproduced for your event.

Make a waterfall using delicate strings of lights.

Clear wall hooks and thumb tacks can save venue walls if you use individual lights. For pre-assembled designs, you can also shop on Amazon or Pottery barn.

Tall, tapered candles can add drama to your centerpieces.

Mix and match colors holders candles to create a fun and unique twist.

Spotlight fabric curtains or drapings

Use a multi-purpose LED spotlight accent lamp or UV bar to cast a glow. A clip-on mini pin light can be attached to a curtain rod if you don’t need to have them on the floor.

To lighten pathways, use pillar candles in tall hurricanes.

These are ideal for outdoor events with good weather or indoor events where guests may need assistance getting from the parking area to their entrance.

Use lighting stencils to display event names, hashtags, or sponsor logos.

You can make your stencil light yourself or hire a lighting rental company that offers projection.

Make cascading chandeliers entirely from fairy lights.

These can be purchased or made by you using hula hoops. Add flowers, greenery, or holiday ornaments to make the event more festive.

Uplighting can add drama to corners that aren’t lit.

To achieve the perfect look, use LED lights. Follow this planning guide.

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