Events Planner Skills: Definitions and Examples

You need to have various skills to succeed as an event planner. Event planners often have multiple tasks to perform and require excellent time management and organization skills. This article will explain what an event planner looks like, the skills they need, and how to make them more effective in the workplace. We also discuss how to showcase your event planning skills on your resume and cover letter and during interviews.

What does an event planner do?

A professional responsible for organizing all aspects of an event, also known as a meeting or convention planner, is called an event planner. You may find them working in a professional environment, such as planning events for an organization, or you may find them working independently, such as planning weddings or birthday parties. They will be responsible for instructing, organizing and managing all aspects of the event.

The following are some common types of events that an event planner might coordinate:

  • Meetings for business
  • Birthday parties
  • Weddings
  • Conventions
  • Shows for trade
  • Private parties
  • Events such as employee outings are a business event

The common duty of an event planner is:

  • To better understand the expectations and goals of event stakeholders, it is important to meet with them.
  • Following the instructions of the event stakeholder to create and follow a budget plan
  • Scouting and inspecting event venues and locations
  • Organizing events with venue owners
  • Working with vendors to secure the necessary services and making sure the services are within your event’s budget
  • Managing vendor contacts
  • Coordinate the event logistics, including equipment and technology, transportation and food.
  • Meeting with the event staff on-site to make sure all details are clear and those responsibilities are properly delegated
  • Monitoring the event activity throughout the event to ensure that attendees have a great time and are satisfied with their experience

Here are some examples of event planning skills

To be successful in their roles, event planners need to have various skills. Event planners need to have the following skills:

Organizational skills

Event planners need to be organized and keep track of every aspect of the event. Event planners are responsible for managing all aspects of an event, from coordinating with venues and vendors to managing the budget. A solid organizational system can make you a better event planner by integrating it into your daily work life.

Interpersonal skills

When performing their job, event planners have to interact with many people. They need to communicate well with others and be a good listener. An important part of the job of an event planner is to understand people and extract pertinent information to plan events.

Event planners often use interpersonal skills in common situations, such as:

  • Overseeing event staff
  • Networking with other event planners or individuals who are seeking event-planning services
  • Collaboration with vendors
  • Stakeholders meeting to discuss their expectations for the event
  • Interacting with guests as well as employees during the event

Communication skills

To meet the client’s expectations, miscommunications in event planning can cause serious problems. Event planners require various communication skills, including writing, verbal, and listening.

Creativity skills

Creative event planners are naturally creative. They must have the ability to think creatively and turn ideas into reality to achieve their clients’ goals. These professionals must create themes and find ways to finance various elements of an event. They also need to solve problems creatively, often at the last minute.

Multitasking skills

Many event planners are responsible for multiple tasks or manage many tasks within a short period. An event planner must manage many moving parts. Event planners can use multitasking skills to succeed. These include prioritization and focus, stress management, attention to detail, and stress management.

Negotiation skills

Event planners need to be skilled negotiators as they often interact with vendors and make sure budgets are met. They might need to negotiate terms and prices with vendors.

How to improve your event planning skills

Here are some ways to improve your event planning skills.

  • Establish clear objectives. It is possible to establish clear objectives for an event before it happens. This will give you a clear idea of what must be done to achieve them. Each goal should be as specific as possible. The steps needed to achieve these goals must also be identified for each event.
  • Practice negotiating. Negotiation is an essential part of the job of event planners. Therefore, spending time practising negotiation skills will help you in your role. Playing the role of a client or vendor is a good idea. Talk to them until you agree to their terms or reach an agreement.
  • Listen to your clients and be open to receiving feedback. Ask your clients to give feedback if you have already organized events. You can learn from both good and bad feedback and pinpoint areas where you need to grow as an event planner.

The workplace needs event planners.

Here are some ways you can use your event planning skills at work.

  • Set goals. When planning events, it is important to set and achieve goals. It is important to take the time to identify and break down each goal into smaller tasks. Then organize and delegate these tasks according to priority.
  • Communicate often. You can excel in your job by keeping a line of communication open with vendors, clients, and workers. Make sure you let each party know you are available for communication.
  • Network. Event planners need to build a strong network of vendors and venues to trust when needed. You will be able to build relationships with these people and make it easier for you to work with them in future.

How to highlight the event planner’s skills

These are some ways to highlight your event planning skills in your resume, cover letter, and job interview:

Your resume and cover letter

Highlight your event planning skills by including specific examples of using your skills to achieve desired outcomes in your experience section. You can use a separate skill section to emphasize your event planning skills specific to the job.

Choose one to three skills relevant to the job that you want to highlight in your cover letter. In your cover letter, give one to two examples of how each skill has been used. Include examples and skills that can be quantifiable. Instead of stating your communication skills are strong, you might mention that you developed a communication system that allows vendors to contact you directly for better communication.

Interview for a job

job interview is a great way to showcase your event planning skills. Make a list of your most relevant skills for the job. In the interview, give examples of how each skill has been used in previous jobs. Also, explain how these skills have helped you be a better event planner.

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