How to Choose the Perfect Flowers For Every Event

Do you want to learn which flowers are most commonly used as decorations? How to make stunning DIY flowers for any occasion? These floral design tips will show you how to do all that and more.

What Flowers Are Used to Decorate Events?

Your event type, target audience and venue will influence your chosen flower. You might be able to see that certain blooms are very popular throughout the year and can be used in various settings. These are the most requested flowers for events:

  • Cherry Blossoms. Keep these pink stems fresh. You can keep them fresh by cutting them in the morning (anytime before 10 am) and making sure each stem has plenty of space.
  • Baby’s Breath. This delicate flower is very popular as it can be used in almost any arrangement but still looks beautiful on its own.
  • Roses. For arrangements with this traditional flower, fish bowls, mason jars and wide-based vases are great options.
  • Orchids. Orchid arrangements are stylish all year and should not be kept in the refrigerator. Adding a bit of stem can give them a more sophisticated look.
  • Bells of Ireland. Bells of Irelands are a striking addition to any vase due to their height. They draw their eye up towards the ceiling of the event venue.
  • Tulips. Tulips are beautiful but tend to droop, so pack them tightly in the vase.
  • Bouvardia. This flower is used in filler for bridal bouquets. You may have seen it in person.
  • Rajnigandha. This flower has cultural significance in India. It is used in specific ceremonies.
  • Delphinium. These flowers are great with hydrangeas.
  • Chrysanthemums. Depending on the event’s aesthetic, some flower designers recommend using dried chrysanthemums.
  • Dusty Miller. The dusty miller is a common greenery filler. It blooms in the summer and can be a subtle addition to your floral design.
  • Lilies. If you have to give your arrangements away at the end, please let your guests know that lilies can be toxic for cats.
  • Daisies. Daisies can be simple enough to match your event decor but strong enough to stand on their own and make your venue pop.
  • Gladioli. To preserve their freshness and appearance, ensure that you use lukewarm water when you receive this flower.
  • Holly. Affordable and festive, holly is a wonderful addition to any winter event.

These are some great options available when you order flowers for events. In case you are wondering, these are the events where you might see or use some of these flowers.

The Top 5 Events where Flowers Are Used

Flowers are not just for private events, contrary to popular belief. Many corporate events could benefit from these new and natural elements.

Flowers for Wedding

It’s not surprising that weddings are the most popular event that florists cater to. Wedding Statistics show that happy couples who were married in the last year spent on average $2,061 on flowers. Don’t be alarmed if that sounds too high. There are many resources available that will help you find affordable DIY options for wedding flowers.

Flowers for Private Parties

You can add a little floral flair to your anniversary party, birthday, or religious event. This event type gives you the most creative freedom with floral design. Although this can seem overwhelming, you can simplify the process by looking at some inspirational images and identifying what they have in common.

Brand Launch Flowers

This event type will benefit greatly from flowers being included in its design. Even floral imagery can be used in marketing materials such as printed postcards and event registration graphics. This is especially true if you work in beauty or hospitality, where beautiful blooms and natural products are almost common.

Flowers for Internal Company Meetings

Flowers are not just for customers. Promoting happiness and productivity by bringing nature into your meeting rooms is one of the most popular trends. You will likely be focusing on the centerpieces of your tables, so avoid using fragrances or items that could incite allergies.

Gala Flowers and Ceremony Flowers

Galas and ceremonies are events that have a lot of drama and exaggeration. This is why flowers are essential. Many galas and ceremonies will make floral displays the main focal point of their event design. These upscale floral design ideas will make you go big or go home.

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