How to deliver unexpected personalization for groups

People expect exceptional, personalized attention from all industries, including the hotel industry. Tools are needed to help hotels identify the best personalization practices and pinpoint touch points that have the greatest impact on business satisfaction. Many of these tools are already in your CRM and available to assist teams throughout your portfolio.

Learn how CRM software can convert group leads into bookings. It will deliver the unexpected: a personalized experience.

Give your employees the tools they need to succeed.

Allow front-line staff to make decisions that exceed expectations and not just meet them. Cloud-based hotel CRM software allows staff to access group details, review to-do lists and read, create and share notes. Staff can also stay connected from any location, on any device. This allows for prompt, efficient responses to all the inevitable questions and problems that may arise during the conference or multi-night group stays.

Keep in touch throughout the guest journey by setting up a simple one-question satisfaction survey that can be triggered by certain events such as check-in, room delivery, spa services and check-out. Staff can respond to any negative comments as soon as they are received. This will help to fix the problem before it becomes a negative review. You can offer a coupon for breakfast, a free dessert or a bottle of wine and keep track of all experiences that do not meet the property’s standards.

Secure future bookings by connecting

You will be able to book group bookings if you have top-tier contacts. You can build relationships with top-tier performers, professionals, distributors, vendors and speakers. Make sure to include multiple contacts in your CRM for each. If a lead is focused on one detail or a group requests recommendations for outstanding talent, these relationships could earn them a signed contract.

Add detailed notes to each contact. These include a local pastry chef known for creating dessert pop-ups or a wine supplier who can always find a rare vintage. You have an advantage if you respond with “we know someone.”

Offer a loyalty program across your hotel portfolio

Many hotels do not offer group rewards programs. Develop a loyalty program specifically targeted at groups and make it available throughout your portfolio to be a group booking innovator. Clear incentives for planners and guests at predetermined booking thresholds will increase the event’s benefits. Consider loyalty benefits:

  • Each attendee will receive a welcome bag
  • In the meeting area, a complimentary donut and coffee bar are available
  • All conference guests receive a discount on spa services
  • A small meeting room is available for free
  • Waived room service charges for event attendees
  • Event staff receive room or meal vouchers before, during, and after the event
  • Stay vouchers can be used for future events by event coordinators or as an incentive for attendees.

Use best practices to share with groups but not one-size-fits-all

Brand recognition is great for business but doesn’t forget the value of each property. Each team works differently to streamline events and group booking communications. The same strategy might not work for all properties. If a structure doesn’t work, don’t force it. Instead, please look at the bigger picture to see which strategies are working and implement them where it makes sense.

Debriefing meetings after events are a good way to assess the effectiveness of different service strategies for groups. This allows you to identify the most effective service touchpoints and the areas where there was a lack of service. Maybe the process of inviting guests to the buffet was more efficient, but the audiovisual setup for the after-dinner talk was not as good. Ask for honest feedback from other staff members, such as the food service personnel. They often will notice things that you don’t.

These details can be kept in the CRM. Keep an eye out for trends. There may be surprising solutions to common problems. Maybe you can hire outside help to manage guest transportation. This will allow employees to provide support in other areas. The portfolio should have the best-performing strategies and solutions.

Based on your booking history, Tailor promotions

Using previous bookings to help you meet your customers’ needs, you can anticipate them. If the meeting space is not as large as last year, you can suggest a larger area for the next year. Also, provide data. Event organizers love expert guidance and attention to detail. Offer a shuttle service if there is a significant increase in transportation requests from the station. While it may seem insincere to offer customers something unrelated to their needs, offering relevant offers increases customer loyalty.

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