How to have difficult conversations with event planning clients

It’s not something that anyone likes to have with clients. With a little guidance and skill building, you can handle any situation with flying colors.

6 Soft Skills Event Planners Need

Soft skills are often associated with HR departments. Soft skills are often considered reserved for rainy days or when no other activity exists. They should not be at the top of your event planning tasks list. Soft skills are about building an internal foundation that can be used to support every aspect of your career.

  • Career self-advocacy
  • Rates of project completion
  • Conflicts between team members and interpersonal conflicts
  • Leadership ability
  • Criticism processing
  • Communication is effective and efficient

Last but not least, interpersonal conflicts with clients. This is the main topic of this article.

The following soft skills are available. What do they mean for your work? Which are the most important to you? All are important, but some may resonate more with you than others.


Empathy refers to your ability both to process and understand others’ feelings. You’re most likely to be able to see situations from another’s point of view and allow that information to guide your actions.

Active Listening

Active listening refers to your ability to hear and understand what someone is trying to say to you via body language, subtext and emotion. Active listening is mastered by people who can recall the name of someone they met ten seconds ago.

Being Proactive, Not Reactive

Do you take the time to evaluate what is best for you in an unfortunate situation? Do you follow your instincts, or do you react constructively? Because it allows you to work constructively towards a goal, rather than just doing it because it feels right at the time, the former is more effective.

Understanding Body Language

Body Language is science. Those who study it can find subtle nonverbal cues to help them understand someone’s intentions, thoughts or emotions. People who are skilled at reading body language can see what certain movements of the eyes, hands, and mouths subconsciously indicate, even if they don’t know it.

Emotional resilience

You might be a person who can take a beating and get through tough times. This is a sign that you can handle life and work with optimism.

What soft skills are essential for event planners? How can you improve them?

These are the best resources for skill building that you should bookmark.

Here are some great resources to help you improve your event planning skills.

  • GoSkills is a website and resource center that focuses exclusively on teaching users the subtleties of soft skills and providing helpful courses to help build them.
  • Lifehacker has compiled a list of 12 Books to Equip you with the Soft Skill in Demand. This will allow you to improve your soft skills, be more flexible, resolve conflicts quickly, and communicate better with clients.
  • The Soft Skills playlist offers 73 videos that can be easily digested on any soft skill.

Although it is worth the effort, soft building skills take time. You can find more immediate solutions in our suggestions for handling the following situations.

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