How to improve your event. tips for event professionals

“The only person you should be more like is the one you were yesterday.”

This is what gets me out of bed on those mornings when I want to get back to sleep. We all have these kinds of mornings.

This applies to our work too. It was a pleasure to discover that many of our event planning partners share this belief. Every event they plan strives to make it a better experience for attendees. To improve on the last event. To bring a smile to attendees’ wider faces than the last time. Talking to attendees about their work, I was able to find some commonalities that could improve any event.

Planning and execution of early

“If you fail to prepare, you prepare for failure.”

It’s a fact that we all know. Whether you plan a conference for one or many days, it takes months to plan and execute. It is important to plan and make a schedule. You can make things worse if you wait until the last minute. Unexpected situations may arise (and there will be many).

Get early bird tickets.

Selling tickets online is a great way to repay your most loyal and eager attendees. It also helps you avoid cash flow problems. Good event management software will allow you to set up direct payments so that money can be deposited directly into your account. This will ensure that you have an emergency fund in case of need. As Sir Richard Branson stated, cash flow is essential for any business. Revenues from early bird tickets can serve as your safety net.

Select an “arresting” venue

Beauty is what the human eye seeks. We have seen positive feedback about our Beautiful Theaters article. Your attendees’ experience will be affected by the venue your event is held. The building should offer the best conditions for accessibility, lighting, heating/cooling, sound and light. You don’t have to book the most beautiful building in the area. But make sure that it provides everything you need.

A well-balanced, diversified menu

Events are not attended for the delicious food you serve, but it will also impact how people feel about your event. What can you do when you’re hungry? Do you have the ability to concentrate? Do you still care about what someone else thinks? There are many preferences when it comes to food. You should have at least two options.

Engage your attendees

Invite attendees to feel part of the event. We all want to feel included in our events. Asking for feedback is an excellent way to let your attendees know. You can also get feedback from the “outside”, which will help you see how others perceive your event. Ask for feedback before, during, and after your event if you can.

Keep your attendees informed.

Based on my personal experience, attendees love to learn as much information as possible about the event they attend. While some mystery is fine, don’t forget to give the essential information. You will be asked questions like “Where/When is Lunch served”, “What time Speaker X will be on stage”, etc. Make sure your team knows the answers. It would be great to display your event’s schedule in visible locations.

Make the most of event technology.

This is my favorite because it shows how technology (and Oveit specifically) can help event planners achieve their “pursuits of happiness”. Here are some of the most important points:

Online registration No matter what type of event you host, your customers should have the option to buy tickets online in 2021. You will make it easier for your customers to register, and you will be able to offer them more information (via registration forms).

NFC technology The tap-and-pay system makes it easy for attendees and staff to purchase their desired products. It can also be used interaction, making the old event wristband a powerful high-tech tool.

A smooth registration process: Time is our most precious resource, and we all treasure it. We don’t want our time to be wasted, so you must use a smart tool that will allow for a quick and easy check-in.

Your experiences will last a lifetime. You can now sell NFT Tickets so that your attendees can own a piece of your amazing work.

Although it is difficult to immediately make all the changes mentioned above, even the smallest improvements can have dramatic long-term results. Dave Brailsford’s story with the British Cycling Team is an excellent example of how even small changes can make huge differences. Keep improving, and keep up the good work!

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