How to Make Your Event Planning and Wedding Taglines Work

A tagline or slogan that conveys the essence of a company, product or Event is a great way to let people know. People also remember those benefits by using creative taglines.

While there are many ideas on what makes a great tagline, research has shown that people respond well to company slogans if they are clear, creative and present a benefit. Taglines and slogans for events should contain a lot of information in a few words.

It can be difficult to come up with concise, creative and rhyming taglines when you are focusing on organizing great events. We get it. We’re here to help.

Examples of event planning company taglines

These ideas will help you get started. Take the ones that you like and use them to spark other ideas. Once you have a list of your favorite ideas, you can search the internet for other ideas.


  • Every moment is an experience. Make it memorable.
  • Make every occasion memorable
  • We make memories.
  • Always keep this in mind
  • Unique events that create priceless memories
  • Memorable events are not just a matter of luck. They are our business.

A certain quality (e.g., elegance, fun or creativity).

  • An elegant events company
  • It’s a party!
  • Extraordinary events delivered
  • Extraordinary life events
  • Ideas for your Next Event
  • Unique events that create priceless memories
  • It was a stunning turn of events
  • Events as original as you
  • We are the best choice for a stylish wedding
  • Events with ________ (fill out the blank: intelligence, panache and flair, style, elegance)


  • Relax and enjoy the lifetime experience
  • Participate as a guest in your Event
  • From setup to clean-up
  • How to manage stress and make your Event a success
  • We create. You celebrate.
  • We plan. Your party.
  • We do the work. We have fun.
  • We do events. You do you.

Dream fulfillment

  • Every detail is important in your dreams
  • Create the Best. Day. Ever.
  • Every love story is beautiful. Yours, however, should be special
  • We build your dream around you
  • Dreams come true
  • Your dream event delivered

Show-stopping details

  • Every detail matters
  • It all comes down to the details
  • Amazing results, precise coordination
  • Our passion makes your Event unforgettable
  • Your occasion deserves our careful planning

Execution of client ideas on-the-spot

  • Designing your perfect day
  • Ideas turned into actions
  • Imagine the Event you want to create, and it will come true
  • Your vision. Our innovations.
  • Where your ideas can take flight
  • Events made alive

How to use slogan or event taglines

You can use slogan or tagline generators to help you brainstorm. They might also give you word salad. The following is an example of what happened when the prompt “event”, in three different tagline generators, was returned:

  1. For less than half a crown, clean a big, big event
  2. Event: Enjoy this moment.
  3. You better get your Event out.

They sound grammatically correct and absurd, but they all sound like they were generated in the uncanny valley. The second option is still viable. If you provide stress-free, relaxed event planning for clients of Elena’s Events, this tagline could be a good fit.

How to create event taglines

A tagline for an event should tell people what to expect, and it should be concise and catchy. Two possible ways to brainstorm a memorable event tagline and on-target are available.

Highlight the Event’s worth

TED Talks’ tagline is “Ideas Worth Spreading”. This tagline conveys that attendees will be able to access valuable ideas. This tagline communicates that attendees will have access to valuable ideas.

Prioritize clarity

Famous events can use their familiarity to help with some of the tagline’s heavy lifting. Bonnaroo’s tagline “radiate positivity” encourages positivity-loving attendees to share their feeling with others and gets them excited about their Event. Radiate positivity could be used as a tagline for a yoga retreat, alternative energy summit, or other events. Bonnaroo attendees know that it is a music festival. Everyone knows that it is a music festival. Therefore, the tagline does not need to state this fact explicitly.

Event tagline examples

These are some event names and taglines that can describe a variety of event types. They should be clear and concise and emphasize the Event’s value.

  • Turkey Mountain Hike-athon: To preserve green spaces
  • Conference on Community Uplift: Breaking the cycle of poverty
  • Atlantic Rescue Fundraising Ball: Giving animals another chance
  • Wandering Star Yoga Weekend: Find your balance again
  • The Magnolia Leaf Half Marathon: Ten years running
  • First Thursday Community Luncheon – Where neighbors get together and eat
  • International Landscapers Conference: Planting seeds for an eco-friendly industry


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