Planning Your Wedding Ceremony

I hear many couples talk about their wedding ceremony as an afterthought because it is such a small part of the day.

“Well, we are only there half an hour/an hour, so I would prefer to spend my money at the reception.”

The wedding ceremony is something I view differently. It is an integral part of your wedding day. This is when you and your family say “I do” – it’s when your loved ones watch you get married and vow their love. This is not the start of a marriage. It should be memorable and special!

This is the first impression your guests get of your wedding day. Therefore, it can help to set the tone for the day. Your guests can tell your love story through the ceremony.

This doesn’t necessarily mean I don’t like traditional ceremonies or ceremony styling. However, it does mean I spend some time thinking about how the couple would like their ceremony to look and feel.

Budget-Busting Tips

You have many options to make your wedding memorable without spending a lot of money or blowing your budget.

  • Consider using easily portable decor that can be reused during your celebration.
  • Consider using plants to decorate your wedding space instead of cutting flowers.
  • Signage and stationery for the day should be part of your decor.
  • Do not produce orders of service/orders of the day for every guest. Instead, ask them to share or use an order-of-the day sign.
  • Candlelight can be cheaper than using floral decorations.
Style Your Ceremony
  • When planning your decor, think about the places photographed and seen.
  • Think about what your guests will see during the ceremony. Then think about how you can enhance that image with your styling.
  • When planning your decor, consider the width of the aisle. Consider if you have enough room to walk down the aisle with decorations and flowers.
  • Consider creating a frame. This will help guests focus on the area where they are looking.
Take into consideration your guests.

Surprise and delight your guests at your wedding ceremony to create a lasting memory. It’s just as important to be thoughtful as stunning decor and styling.

  • Invite your guests to travel along the way and offer drinks upon arrival
  • Are you concerned about the temperature? If so, provide fans and blankets for your guests’ comfort.
  • Signage welcoming your guests and thanking them for joining you on this special day is a great way to greet them.
  • Your order of ceremony should make your guests feel involved in the ceremony. You can explain how it will be run and any chosen traditions.
  • Drinks and food should be served as soon as possible after the ceremony.
  • Ask your filmmaker and photographer to consider your guests’ views and help you plan how they will move before and after the ceremony.
  • Make sure you have a seating plan! Although informal seating arrangements are possible, you must have seats reserved for the wedding party and all those attending the ceremony.

Here are some tips for couples who are nervous about the ceremony.

Could you do it?

Ask your celebrant to set up a rehearsal or practice session and give you a copy of the words you will be using during the ceremony. It is a great way to calm your nerves by being familiar with the details and how you will be performing.

However, it is important to keep rehearsals private and only invite part of the ceremony. Too many cooks can spoil the broth!

You don’t have to follow tradition. You can choose to skip certain wedding ceremony traditions if you feel it will make you feel more at ease. It’s your big day! Some legally binding ceremonies (religious/or not religious) may require certain elements to be present. However, you can talk to the person running your ceremony about how you can personalize it and what you can do for them to make it more enjoyable.

Some couples choose to meet up before the ceremony for a first glance. This helps ease their nerves.

Do you find yourself dreading the long walk down an aisle? Ask if there are other routes you can take. That might make you feel more relaxed.

You might be able to feel more at ease by focusing on what you like. You can relax by listening to soothing music or wearing a relaxing fragrance. The practical use of a bouquet can help you calm down and relax. Before you go into your ceremony, take deep breaths and allow for a few moments of calm and peace. Do not rush, and do not feel pressured.

Remember that everyone is there to show their love for you as a couple. They want you to be happy and loved. There’s no reason to feel nervous about walking down the aisle with the one you love.

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