The Essential Guide to Esports Venues

Esports tournaments are making an impact in the event industry. They have generated nearly $1 billion in global revenue and show no signs of slowing down. Hosting an esports event is a great way for businesses to grow and get into a new niche.

Esports events can last from one afternoon to several days and rely heavily upon tech– venue source is crucial for this arena. Learn the essential requirements for an esports venue so that your next event is ready to play.

Requirements for an esports venue to ensure a successful gaming experience

There is always room for more.

The days of two teams of five players fighting each other in the videogame frontier are gone. The venue must be big enough to hold a large crowd. Some of the largest esports live events have witnessed attendances of over 100,000 people. The players will feel uncomfortable if the venue is too small. No one wants to be infringed upon during intense moments of play.

However, booking too big a venue for an esports event can cause problems. The crowd will be frustrated if they can’t see the action. (Or worse, boredom.) Attendees who don’t feel like they can see the action live will choose to view the tournament at home the next time.

Many types of esports venues can meet different sizes’ needs.

  • Esports venues with a dedicated team
  • Cinemas
  • Convention centres
  • Small venues
  • Pro sports stadiums
  • Shopping malls

Everywhere there are new dedicated facilities, both newly built and refurbished. Esports Stadium is located in Arlington, Texas and is open for events. Many movie theatres are being converted to esports venues.

Central location

It is well-known that venue location is a key factor in event turnout. You shouldn’t choose a location that is far from the main road. Many of your spectators and players won’t have driving licences, so they will need to rely on public transport or parental drop-offs. Parents might be hesitant to take their children to far-flung venues, let alone leave them there for a full day.

Events for older gamers have a better chance of success in or near a big city or a tourist attraction–attendees can turn the tournament into an opportunity for a vacation.

Whatever your audience, find a venue that is easy to reach by public transport and offers plenty of parking for those who need it.

Licensing is required

Copyright protection for video games is the same as that for audiovisual works. Publishers and creators have the right to approve or disapprove of the use of their games at public tournaments. Due to the popularity of these events, many publishers sell licenses for esports tournament organizers or third-party leagues. It’s a source of revenue and a way to promote their games.

To ensure smooth sailing on the day, contact the software company in advance. They will need to know about the tournament and verify that you have the appropriate license and permissions.

Gaming-ready technology and support

It’s not surprising that an esports venue needs a reliable and strong power supply and a backup plan in case of power outages. There will be a lot of electrical equipment being set up. You could even have hundreds of people using the power supply to charge their laptops. Imagine a movie theatre is transformed into an esports venue. The facility must have power strips on every row to allow players to access the plugin.

You don’t want a thousand people or players waiting in the dark during a power cut. Talk to the A/V person, if you are able (a bonus when selecting a venue), about your concerns and needs in advance. Hire your A/V person if your venue doesn’t have one.

It is also important to ensure that the technology fosters a social experience. One large screen could display gameplay as attendees use their laptops to play. You can also have huge screens to host professional gamers competing in esports. Attendees will choose to stay home if they don’t have a clear view of the live game.

The best Internet connection

While this falls under “game-ready technology”, it deserves its shout-out: Your venue must have high-speed broadband internet. There will be hundreds of gamers at once, so the internet connection must be strong enough for all the digital action.

Slow connections will frustrate players. Your spectators will also lose interest quickly. Your reputation will quickly be damaged. Please don’t underestimate the power of negative buzz that serious gamers can generate when they cannot stream or enjoy their favourite event.

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