These are the top time-saving tips for event planning.

What can an event planners do to improve their skills? These are some time-saving tips and tricks for event planners. This list contains modern event planners’ best and most efficient productivity strategies. These ideas inspire, surprise, and ultimately inform your event planning process.

Learn time-saving tips for event planning

Set up rules for contract changes or last-minute events.

There are many ways to deal with last-minute event changes, but prevention is the best option. You should include in your contract rules that will govern what happens if significant changes occur within 1-3 months, 1-4 weeks, and on the day of-1 Week. It would be best if you also got your scope in writing.

Test drive new staff at smaller events.

You should have at least one experience with staff members at your most important events. Don’t hire staff until you see how they perform at smaller, more extreme events.

To send deadline reminder memes, partners, sponsors, or teams.

Scientifically, memes have a positive effect on the brain. Even though people may hate your reminder emails, memes can trigger our memory-forming centers. A meme assigns meaning to an image and helps participants feel more connected to the group.

Event vendors should pay late fees.

Throwing away good money is the best way to light a fire. Your event vendors should have the same late fee parameters and figures as your clients. The fee size doesn’t matter, but the mere existence of it should cause fear in their hearts.

Chatbots can be used to communicate with attendees at events.

Use chatbots to set the tone and voice for your event, provide customer support and collect data about your audience via surveys or polls.

Create event staff training videos.

Send staff a link to a password-protected video set in the weeks following the event. They can then review it (and, preferably, be quizzed about it) and prepare for the big day. 

All your social media accounts for events can be consolidated into one platform.

Buffer and HootSuite consolidate multiple channels into one dashboard. This allows you to see what content is being distributed and how it’s performing.

All-in-one event management software

The best event management software options will help you to accomplish tasks such as:

  • Creating your budget.
  • Searching for venues.
  • Designing your floor plan.
  • Collaborating with key stakeholders.
  • Marketing the event.

You can set up the text on your computer.

It can be distracting to check multiple messages on your phone and email on your desktop simultaneously. iMessage is possible if you have an Apple Mac. If you don’t have an Apple iPhone or a computer, these instructions will help.

Centralize all communications.

The average person spends 28% of time answering and sending emails. You and your team can save time and reduce your work by creating a single service that allows you to share documents, consolidate messages, and receive real-time updates on project statuses without opening your email.

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