Tips to stay organized as an event planner.

What is it that makes an event coordinator a great one? You need to be a skilled organizer and planner! Event planners’ innovative tips and tricks go above and beyond common sense to give you amazing techniques and tools you may not have heard of.

Creative Ideas for Event Planners to Stay Organized

Order an egg timer. 

To light a fire under your feet, do small tasks such as answering emails or adding event planning binder tabs in 5- to 10-minute increments. You will get more done and realize how much time you wasted on these things.

Test drive and create your event planning template.

You’ll be able to create more creativity if you organize the steps you take for each event. For inspiration, check out this party planning template.

Take photos of documents on-site, in meetings outside the office, or even in your car.

You can turn your smartphone into a portable scanning device with apps. You need some decent lighting to get started.

Get all the help you need for your event planning.

Habitica can be used to make goal-setting fun. You can play as adorable characters and get rewarded for your achievements.

Always have a notebook with you to help you brainstorm.

If you feel a sudden surge of inspiration, you can track it while working on another project or getting home from work.

Marie Kondo, your event planning binder.

It doesn’t spark joy. What is it doing?

Chalkboard paint a wall in an office.

Never lose a to-do list again.

Create your secret code

To make your task list more manageable, you can organize tasks by adding symbols to each item. Asterisks and stars can be used to indicate internal projects. This will help you to stay focused and not become overwhelmed by the number of tasks you have left.

Create a “Not Today!” List.

This list will contain all the little things you don’t plan to tackle during the day. These items can be viewed after you have completed all of your day’s tasks.

In your event planning binder, keep a master list of your preferred vendors.

You’ll have all the information you need to contact them when it comes time for them to be hired for your next event.

Use Event Binder Tabs to match your digital folders.

They should be considered twins and not sisters. This will help you track what documents need to be updated and where each document can be found.

Organize infrequent or one-off projects by event type.

You can add subsections to projects by date and a template folder for each event type.

Be sure to have these tools in your binders.

A blank notebook, a highlighter and a hole puncher are all good options. Use a zip pouch or a binder with holders to keep everything secure.

Use a dedicated meeting binder.

You should include tabs for the agendas, who will present, handouts and printed presentations, and a contact list.

Create an out-of-office calendar for key stakeholders and team members.

It would be best if you planned for things such as time-sensitive meetings, approvals or signoffs before your guests leave on vacation. This will ensure that your event planning timeline is on track.


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