5 Ways Event Data Can Give You a Competitive Advantage

Online events are becoming more popular, and attendees will be more open to considering what experiences it is worth traveling for up to four days. It’s not enough to gather and analyze data for a report after an event. It is the key to making an event memorable. Data is a valuable tool that can help event planners gain a competitive edge. It goes beyond measuring event success. Event planners can use data to answer questions: Why did the session you thought would be the least attended turn out to have the highest attendance? How can you make this information work for you to create the winning formula? Data is information that provides you with information about the world or an event. Data becomes useful when you can organize it and interpret it. This skill can help you outperform your competition time and time again.

Improve on the go with mid-event reporting

The post-event survey has been the cornerstone of event organizers’ data. These surveys are important in gathering information about exhibitor and attendee satisfaction. However, they often come too late to make the necessary adjustments to reassure participants about their decision to attend.

Crowdsource insights from live chat and discussions

Effective data strategies are not about numbers, percentages, or completion rates. Your event’s digital section gives you an honest view of what’s hot, important, and what people are thinking. The online chatter can gauge the interests of your attendees and identify the main issues that keep them awake at night. Public forums are the same as the conversation in a physical breakout area — it’s a town hall that allows for new ideas to be shared.

To upsell sponsors, use engagement data

Attracting sponsors has been difficult. 50% of organizers had difficulty finding sponsors before the pandemic. These challenges will likely become even more challenging in the future. Financial uncertainties will make it difficult for marketers to tighten their belts in the post-pandemic inflation-driven business environment.

Data can, however, be the key ingredient to helping show ROI to sponsors and give them an incentive to sign the dotted line. It is not about sharing large amounts of data, such as the number of viewers or minutes watched. Instead, data can be used to tell stories about how attendees spend their time during the experience.

Find the best content for on-demand access

Even though the event lasts for three days, the content can be kept for a year. Data can be used to do more than prolong the content’s life. It can be used to build an educational library that you can access on-demand. This will allow you to attract new audiences after the event has ended.

Instead of simply posting all your recorded breakout sessions online, you can use robust event data to help you curate the best sessions. It’s a chance to showcase the editors’ top picks and bestsellers at a bookstore window. You can place the best content front and center to attract a larger audience and keep them coming back.

Prepare for the Future of Events in The Universe of Today & the Metaverse of Tomorrow

Event organizers may be looking for ways to make their events feel more normal. However, there is no way to return to a physical-first and digital-second approach to engagement. A recent Encore Planner Pulse Survey showed that 90% of event professionals still expect to use digital event strategies even after their in-person events have fully recovered. Data is the basis of this strategy and helps guide all decisions for an event that inspires, engages, educates, & motivates everyone.

Do you facilitate the connections that are vital to a successful event? What activities are the attendees doing at your booth? Are they talking to one another in chat or watching the screen passively? These questions are essential for event organizers to implement hybrid events in 2022 and 2023 successfully. They will also help keep the edge of evolving events by asking these important questions. Take a look at Bill Gates’ vision of where events are headed.

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