7 Amazing Business Event Ideas That Will Wow Your Attendees

Successful corporate events strike the perfect balance between information, interactivity, productivity and fun. Here are our business event ideas to help you create a memorable event that ticks all the right boxes.

Hosting A Corporate Event

Whether your corporate event is a cutting-edge conference, a classy business meeting, a networking event or an elegant gala dinner, it’s crucial to think about your event goals and your brand’s personality.

  • What is your event’s purpose?
  • What would you like to tell attendees about your brand?
  • What kind of atmosphere would you like to create?
  • How would you like visitors to remember your event?
  • What stories would you like them to tell (on social media and after the event has ended)?
  • Why will people want to attend your corporate event? To learn something new? Connect with people in their industry? Celebrate a business achievement?

It’s up to you to figure out how to balance your event’s practical goals with entertainment that makes it extra special and memorable.

Trust us, a refreshing brainstorming session in a bright, open space can be just as impressive and memorable as a spectacular gala dinner or corporate lunch with live entertainment. The most successful business events use the space — your venue — in the best way possible to satisfy your attendee’s needs and exceed their expectations.

Business Event Ideas

Business Event Idea #1: Interactive Food and Drink Stations

From networking events to annual meetings, product launches to gala dinners, fundraising or charity events to corporate Christmas parties, every business event can benefit from spectacular food. So make sure delicious food is at the top of your priority list!

At Moda Events Portside, you can treat your guests to a sumptuous feast with a sit-down lunch or dinner, food station or with creative cocktail canapés. Imagine the delight attendees will feel as they discover interactive food and beverage stations dotted throughout your event. From creative hors d’oeuvres to a cocktail bar or a live paella station (complete with its very own chef!), there’s plenty of creative ways to keep your attendees well-fed and wow them at the same time.

Business Event Idea #2: Create A Relaxing Space For Making Business Connections

Moda Events’ portside location along the Brisbane River provides a calming space for a more intimate or low-key business event: the perfect place for attendees to learn, connect and relax. Our natural light and high ceilings make our venue a winner with guests who love a spectacular view of the river. Our stunning space will provide a comfortable space to relax, mingle and network. You can even start or end your event with canapés and cocktails in a private space in the open air.

Business Event Idea #3: Make An Impact With Speakers

If the purpose of your event is to educate your attendees, there’s no better way to generate buzz than to hire influential keynote speakers to speak, interact with and inspire your guests with new ideas. Encourage attendees to engage in the conversation, participate in real-time polls and quizzes, and fill your event with immersive learning opportunities. For an extra dose of interactivity, you could even have your speaker perform a remote Q&A session on your social media channels as part of the entertainment.

Business Event Idea #4: Create The Perfect Private Space

Is the goal of your business meeting to provide a private, creative space to collaborate on a particular project? Moda Events’ fantastic breakout spaces for group work provide comfortable privacy for role-play sessions, exhibitor presentations, team building activities, and one on one mentoring sessions. Arrange for our chefs to cook up a tantalising feast for all attendees and keep fuelled for a hard day’s work.

Business Event Idea #5: Hire Live Music For The Event

Music can add lots of personality to a gala or fundraising event, and even set the tone for the whole evening. Lively, uplifting music will help your guests feel energised and engaged. Depending on the formality of your event, you can even hire a live band or DJ.

Business Event Idea #6: Get Creative With Decor and Theme

A creative theme can build buzz, excitement and momentum for your business event. Corporate events need excellent styling that exudes class and sophistication, while still offering a friendly, inviting atmosphere. If you’re planning to host an awards night or charity event soon, picking the right theme will go a long way in guaranteeing your event’s success. Here are some creative and inspirational gala dinner theme ideas.

Business Event Idea #7: Hire Surprise Entertainment

To pull this off, you need an excellent understanding of your event’s demographics and what your attendees like! Surprise entertainment that your audience loves will help your business event stand out in the very best possible way. Ideas include:

  • Comedy – Invite a comedian with experience working for corporate events to perform a show. Providing plenty of laughs will ensure your event is associated with a good time, and a good comedian can also double as an MC for other elements of your event. Make sure you hire a comedian whose subject matter will fit your tone and demographic.
  • Fireworks – Wow your guests and ignite your event with a fireworks display.
  • Photobooth – Hire a photo booth and let your attendees entertain themselves with creative and crazy props.

Are you looking to hold a classy networking event, a polished conference, a product launch, a corporate cocktail party or a fundraising event? Moda Events Portside in Brisbane is the perfect riverside location.

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