7 Engagement Party Themes That Your Guests Will Love

Newly engaged and looking for a dose of inspiration for engagement party themes? Planning an engagement party can be tricky if you haven’t yet decided on a vibe or theme for your event. Whether you’re looking for low key engagement party ideas or elegant engagement party ideas with a luxe feel, we have you covered with 7 unique engagement party ideas that will enthral your guests.

7 Unique Engagement Party Ideas

Engagement Party Theme #1: Dessert and Champagne Engagement Party

Best for: Couples who have a sweet tooth or who are looking for elegant engagement party ideas.

Engagement party food: Treat yourself and your loved ones to something special with delicious desserts and mini desserts that will melt in their mouth: petit fours, chocolate mousse tarts with honeycomb, lemon meringue pies, chocolate truffle tarts with orange and crème fraiche, chocolate brownies, crème brulee, red wine poached pear, or star anise panna cotta with seasonal fruits. Extra points for a fun dessert-themed food station.

Engagement party food: Lots of champagne and dessert wines. Along with bubbly for all the toasts, you might want to include a few extra drink options — coffee, espresso or even tea.

Engagement party attire: Cocktail or semi-formal dress code.

Engagement party decorations: Choose classic colours such as silver or gold. Incorporate food into your engagement decor. For romantic, whimsical decorations, try arranging delicious cupcakes into the shape of an engagement ring on each table.

Engagement Party Theme #2: Lei’d Back Luau

Best for: Laidback couples who seek a relaxed and low key engagement party idea.

Engagement party food: For canapes, think spiced seared tuna with lychee and soy and cocktail dishes like a fish taco with salsa and zesty yoghurt sauce. For a seated meal, invite your loved ones to enjoy mouth-watering tapas: ceviche of local fish with orange blossom or grilled octopus with tropical flavours. For drinks, mix up margaritas, sangria and mojitos with a tropical flavour.

Engagement party attire: Casual or smart casual dress code. Leis for everyone!

Engagement party decorations: Opt for a tropical colour scheme (peach, pink, yellow and orange) and accent with chic pineapple and palm tree decor. Create a beachy atmosphere with tropical flowers and colourful fairy lights.

Engagement Party Theme #3: Mexican Fiesta Engagement Party

Best for: A laid back bride and groom who want to party in style while also keeping it fun and casual.

Engagement party food: Serve every kind of taco you can imagine, alongside sangria, margaritas and tequila. For a fun, fresh take on tapas, think potato tortillas and pintxos of chorizo and roasted capsicum.

Engagement party attire: Casual or smart casual dress code.

Engagement party decorations: Style your engagement party with vibrant linens for tablecloths, a variety of fresh flowers in bright hues, and rustic cacti for centrepieces.

Engagement Party Theme #4: Wine and Cheese Tasting Engagement

Best for: People who are infatuated with cheese and/or wine and foodie couples who crave a classy affair.

Engagement party food: Make a large grazing table, full of your favourite, high-quality cheeses: think Brie, Gruyère, aged Gouda, Cheddar, and Roquefort. Decorate this table with elegant linens, strewn flowers and other delicious treats, such as fruit, charcuterie and high-quality breads.

Engagement party attire: Cocktail or semi-formal dress code.

Engagement party decorations: Create a sign that highlights different cheeses and the best complimentary wines. Invite your guests to sample creamy Brie with a fruity red wine, Gouda with Cabernet Sauvignon, and Blue Cheese with port wine. For extra fun, why not go ahead and hire a sommelier to guide the wine tasting?

Engagement Party Theme #5: Casino Night

Best for: A fun-loving couple who want a dramatic, James Bond or Las Vegas feel to their engagement party.

Engagement party food: Offer delicious cocktails and martinis, paired with black and white desserts.

Engagement party attire: Black-tie dress code.

Engagement party decorations: Embrace the Las Vegas vibe with a red and black balloon archway, showgirl headpieces, themed lighting and a large ‘Welcome to Las Vegas’ prop sign. Rent out casino props, full-sized gaming tables, gaming chips and professional croupiers to create a night to remember.

Engagement Party Theme #6: Around The World

Best for: Adventurous couples who love to travel.

Engagement party food: Serve canapes and cocktail dishes from around the world, such as Mexican tacos or a Parisian dessert bar. Offer signature cocktails from your favourite country.

Engagement party attire: Casual or smart casual dress code.

Engagement party decorations: Split your venue space up with each corner of the room offering a different destination theme. Have a giant globe for guests to sign and string up polaroid photos from your couple travels around the world. Scatter tables with confetti hearts made from second-hand maps. Include mini paper planes and compasses as table centrepieces.

Engagement Party Theme #7: Vintage Glam

Best for: Couples who enjoy a vintage aesthetic.

Engagement party food: Serve cocktails speakeasy-style, alongside classic retro-style desserts and opulent cocktail dishes.

Engagement party attire: Black tie dress code. Invite guests to dress as their favourite vintage stars. Channel Clark Gable, Vivian Leigh or Marilyn Monroe.

Engagement party decorations: Build a black, white and gold tablescape for the ultimate in silver screen elegance. Give your guests the red carpet treatment with a red carpet lined with vintage movie posters and paparazzi.

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