7 Super Creative & Fun Staff Party Ideas

So you’ve been entrusted with throwing your work’s next big bash. Throwing the perfect staff party can be a lot of pressure, but there’s no need to panic. Get inspired by our epic list of fun staff party ideas. 

Our Favourite Annual Staff Party Ideas

#1 – Casino Royale party

The stakes are high and the fun even higher with a Casino Royale party theme. Bring the thrill and glamour of a high-class James Bond adventure to your work event with these stylish ideas for a Casino Royale themed ball:

Casino Royale party outfits

  • Invite your guests to wear sophisticated black-tie attire.
  • For women: Elegant, flowing evening dresses in satin, lace or velvet and stilettos. The more sparkle, the better!
  • For men: Classic tuxedos. Think a timeless black classic with a pleated shirt and wing-tip collar, or take inspiration from your favourite Bond, from Sean Connery’s ivory dinner jacket with slim peaked lapels and bow tie to Roger Moore’s vintage tux with wide lapels, paired with a ruffled shirt.

Casino Royale party decorations

  • Create a red carpet entrance for your guests and hire ‘Paparazzi photographers’ to take photos
  • Opt for stylish decor in 007 colours, such as an arch made of red and black balloons, an ice sculpture, classy black tablecloths and white chair covers
  • Choose themed lighting to light up your bar

Casino Royale themed entertainment

  • Set up casino-themed entertainment with professional croupiers
  • Hire a DJ to play songs from the James Bond films
  • Hire a band to play live cocktail music inspired by the movies

Casino Royale food and drink

  • Offer James Bond inspired cocktails and martinis
  • Serve fancy canapés with breathtaking views of the city skyline
  • Create a luxury sit-down dinner with a mouth-watering three-course meal, including high society entrees, delicious main dishes and decadent desserts

Casino Royale theme party invitations

  • Design your party invitation based on the 1960s book cover design for Casino Royale
  • Use iconic James Bond imagery such as the gun barrel
  • Select a simple and elegant black and white invitation

#2 – New York themed party

Take inspiration from New York’s glittering skyline with a New York themed party. This is a flexible theme that comes in many flavours: Broadway, modern New York, Breakfast at Tiffany’s or Mad Men Manhattan. It can even be blended with Party Idea #4 or #6 (see below). Here are some ideas to help you capture the atmosphere of the Big Apple:

New York party dress code

  • Invite your guests to dress up as Broadway characters, Mad Men characters or famous New Yorkers from movies

New York themed party food

  • Offer stylish, crowd-pleasing dishes that reflect New Yorker’s multiculturalism, like steamed bao buns with roast pork belly and Asian slaw, Jamon and cheese toasties with fruit chutney, or chicken seekh kebabs
  • Provide stylish desserts in the form of mini New Yorker-style cheesecakes, ricotta cake with creme fraiche and lemon curd, or warm chocolate tarts

New York party decorations

  • Decorate your venue with urban decor, such as LED light letters spelling ‘NYC’
  • Hang up vintage posters of New York and subway maps

New York themed centrepieces

  • Decorate your tables with postcards or statues of famous New York landmarks like the Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, Central Park and Rockefeller Centre
  • Add a miniature New York taxi statue to each place setting
  • Give each table a street post sign with a famous destination, such as Fifth Avenue or Madison Square.

New York party entertainment

  • Play some favourite tunes from Broadway or vintage Frank Sinatra
  • Fill your DJ’s playlist with songs that mention New York
  • Hire a New York celebrity impersonator to mingle with your guests in character
  • Hire magicians, mimes and caricaturists to provide entertainment

#3 – Hawaiian beach party

Win over your staff with the charm of a Hawaiian beach party theme. Bring the laid-back and fun atmosphere of a Hawaiian beach to your event with:

Hawaiian theme party food

  • Design a delicious tropical buffet with fish tacos (complete with salsa and zesty yoghurt sauce), octopus and melon pintxo and ceviche of reef fish with orange blossom
  • Serve mimosas or fruit punch

Hawaiian theme party decorations

  • Create a playful yet stylish beachy atmosphere with tropical flowers and paper lanterns
  • Light tiki torches around the venue or as a pathway guiding your guests to the tables
  • Set up beach umbrellas with colourful fairy lights and tiki masks at each table
  • For Hawaiian theme centrepieces, place lei flowers or shells at the bottom of clear glass bowls with floating candles

Hawaiian party theme entertainment

  • Hire a photo booth with fun Hawaiian luau props
  • Hire fire performers, hula dancers and a ukulele player to entertain your guests

#4 – Black & white party

A black and white party is both effortlessly classic and contemporary. Here are some ideas to help you plan your own stylish soiree:

Black and white party food ideas

  • Arrange for your venue’s caterer to prepare a delicious and visually beautiful menu featuring black and white foods

Black and white party outfits

  • Ask guests to embrace a black-tie dress code and dress up in all black or all white
  • Invite women to wear a black or white cocktail dress
  • Encourage men to wear a classic black or white tuxedo or suit

Black & white decorations for a party

  • Choose black and white balloons and streamers with accents of silver
  • Place black and white confetti and white candles on mirrors to create an elegant centrepiece
  • Fill a square vase with white flowers (such as lilies or roses) with black pebbles at the bottom

Black and white party invitations

  • Establish the theme and atmosphere of your event with sleek black and white invitations

#5 – Masquerade ball party

Invite your staff to don costumes for an extravagant masquerade ball, Phantom of the Opera, Venetian Carnival, Marie Antoinette or modern New Orleans Mardi Gras style. Here are some creative ideas to inspire your masquerade party:

Masquerade theme party decorations

  • Create an atmosphere of opulence with elegant masquerade ball decorations and low lighting
  • For a Venetian Carnival theme, decorate with velvet or brocade drapery, colourful masks, an elaborate chandelier, feathers and fairy lights
  • For a Mardi Gras theme, decorate your venue with hanging beads and use miniature trumpets as table centrepieces

Masquerade party costumes

  • Encourage your guests to participate in a fun mask or costume contest
  • For a Phantom of the Opera masquerade, choose black and white masks
  • For a Venetian Carnival theme, encourage your guests to don bejeweled and feathered mask
  • For a Mardi Gras party theme, invite your guests to wear beaded masks in the traditional colours of green, purple and gold

Masquerade party food ideas

  • Treat your staff to a lavish three-course feast with heavenly gourmet food, including extravagant dishes like confit duck leg, chicken breast and parmesan polenta, or market fish
  • Let your guests roam around the masquerade ball, enjoying delicious canapés such as arancini or roast duck with brioche and currant puree

Masquerade ball entertainment ideas

  • Hire live musicians to play waltz music
  • For a modern twist, set up a DJ with R&B, hip-hop, and electronica tracks
  • Hire fire performers, jugglers, trapeze and circus performers
  • Hire a dancing instructor to teach staff how to dance ballroom-style
  • Offer silent auctions, raffles and lucky door prizes
  • End the night with a magnificent fireworks show from our beautiful balcony

#6 – Gangster theme party

For a fun and unique annual staff party, invite your staff back in time to 1920s/1930s Chicago or New York for a gangster or Godfather themed party. Here are our favourite gangsters and molls party ideas:

Gatsby themed party decor

  • Dress up your venue to look like a vintage speakeasy bar
  • Decorate with black and white tableware and candles for low lighting, and create atmospheric smoke with a fog machine
  • Host a Clue-style murder mystery at your event

Gatsby themed party food

  • Stock the bar with 1920’s themed drinks like mint juleps and champagne punch
  • Serve up charming retro canapés

Gangster themed party entertainment

  • Hire a DJ or live band to play ragtime or jazz tunes from the era
  • Hire a dance instructor who can teach your staff how to dance the Charleston or Fox Trot

Gangster themed party invitations

  • Send an Art Deco-inspired invitation, complete with 1920s and 1930s slang
  • Include an image of a gangster or flapper in the design
  • Mention a cryptic password on the invitation that guests must announce at the door to gain access to the ‘illicit’ speakeasy venue

Gangster and flapper themed party costumes

  • Ask male guests to dress up as 1920s or 1930s gangsters with suits, suspenders, fedoras, cigars and fake guns
  • Invite female guests to dress like a flapper or moll in a 1920s flapper dresses with long pearl necklaces, beads, cloche hats, boas and fans

#7 – French themed party

Delight your staff with a French-themed party or Paris themed party. If you want a chic and fun party that’s sure to impress, here are some suggestions:

Paris theme party decorations

  • Cover tables with red, white and blue linens and sprinkle the table with confetti shaped like the Eiffel Tower or the colours of the French flag
  • Create large cutout replicas of the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe
  • Hang paper lanterns from the ceiling to recreate the ambience of the ‘City of Lights’ at night
  • Hang reproductions of famous works from at the Louvre
  • Decorate the venue with wrought iron lamp posts and old fashioned lanterns

French themed party food

  • Serve classic French food with plentiful wine and a champagne fountain
  • Think beef gruyere burgers for a cocktail dish and a duck liver parfait for a tapas plate
  • For dessert, provide petit fours and cheese from the table, including famous French cheeses like brie, Roquefort and camembert
  • Treat your guests to crème brulee, a white chocolate parfait with poached apricots, or decadent chocolate desserts such as chocolate mousse tart with crispy pearls or chocolate truffle tart with orange and crème fraiche

French themed party invitations

  • Design party invitations with images of famous places like the Eiffel Tower or the Arc de Triomphe
  • Create a ‘bicycle in Paris’ design, shaped like a bicycle or with a bicycle image as the background
  • Find mini replicas of famous Parisian architecture and attach the invitation with a red, white and blue striped ribbon

French centrepiece ideas

  • Fill wicker or cloth baskets with loaves of French bread and cheese for an edible centrepiece
  • Add vases with red, white and blue flowers to tables

Interesting in giving your next staff party a fun theme? The Moda Events team can help bring your theme to life with an amazing menu, a tailored menu and amazing decor from suppliers.

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