Creative Corporate Event Entertainment Ideas that Work

It can be difficult to find creative entertainment ideas for corporate events that your guests will love. Many budget-friendly options are available that can complement your event and provide memorable experiences for your guests.

Five creative ideas that you can use to create your corporate entertainment ideas are collected here. Please find out how top event brands engage their attendees in a fun and interesting activities. You can also customize each idea to suit your needs.

What is entertainment?

Corporate event attendees love entertainment activities. Corporate event planners often include entertainment activities in larger events to give guests a break from regular programming. They schedule entertainment activities to educate guests about topics related to the host event but not the main program.

This event type may use advanced ticketing or registration to limit attendance to VIPs or open to the public. If corporate event planners plan to charge tickets, they should include at least one entertainment activity.

Find the best corporate entertainment ideas.

Your main event goals will guide your selection of entertainment ideas for corporate events. An example is a cocktail mixer and after-party that allows attendees to network in a relaxed setting. A corporate entertainment idea for a masterclass could feature thought leaders from a brand. This will increase brand awareness, provide valuable content to attendees, and establish domain authority.

These creative ideas for corporate entertainment can be used in conjunction with larger events like tradeshows or conferences or as stand-alone activities for employees and customers.

As part of your corporate entertainment, host a mocktail contest.

Participants create a mocktail in ten minutes or less. Judges give points based upon taste, creativity, presentation, and overall quality. The winners receive prizes like a free upgrade to your brand’s service or a gift card for a related product.

Create a stage that can hold up to 10 stations for creation. Give each participant a certain amount of ingredients. To spark creativity, include at least one, not a common item, such as edible gold, asparagus or chocolate chip ice cream. To keep the competition fair, place the same set at each station.


Each contestant must make one drink that the judges can share. You don’t need ice. You need a liquid base, such as soda or lemonade, and three additional ingredients. You can expect to spend less than $50 on groceries. For $20, borrow mixology kits and buy a cocktail shaker set.

Real-world example:

The Hotel Show hosted two mocktail contests as part of corporate entertainment. The first competition was a three-minute contest to determine who could make the best classic cocktail. The second contest was a blind challenge with mystery ingredients.

Modify it:

Competitors should be challenged to make your CEO’s favourite drink. Limit their ingredients to the same colours as your logo.

To enhance the entertainment at your corporate event, plan a mindfulness meditation.

Mindfulness meditation is a guided meditation that lasts between 10 and 30 minutes in a quiet space to relax and help participants forget their worries.

This corporate entertainment idea requires only an activity leader and comfortable sitting. You can hire a yoga teacher or professional meditation teacher to lead the guests through the exercise. You can also have your host record a meditation using an app like HeadSpace. You can use blankets, yoga mats, or floor cushions for seating. You can also bring folding chairs or walking mindfulness meditation to keep your attendees on their feet.


If you have a volunteer to teach the session, this corporate entertainment idea can be free. You can invite your guests to bring their yoga mats or blankets.

Real-world example:

The Hospitality Expo and Conference offered 15-minute morning meditation before the first session of the day for attendees. A professional mindset coach led the meditation.

Modify it:

If you feel your audience would prefer meditation, substitute it for a positive affirmation journaling or light office yoga exercise.

You can add local live music to your corporate and cultural events to the entertainment list.

Planners looking to promote local culture to their attendees can use local live music to entertain them. If you want to reach 46 Google users who value local events and services, tying your event to an artist will help boost your brand’s SEO.

This corporate event requires a performance area with musicians. They may bring their equipment, but they might need assistance with setup.


Although musician fees can vary widely, the average musician fee is $50-100 per hour for at least two hours.

Real-world example:

The East Mediterranean International Tourism & Travel Exhibition exposes its attendees to regional culture through collaborations with local artists. They hosted a Japanese Sou performance in 2019 with Japanese snacks.

Modify it:

Celebrate the culture of a country when your brand expands into new markets.

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