Epic Party Planning Guide | Ideas For A 20, 50 And 100 Guest Party

Party planning takes time, creativity and lots of organisation. Whether you’re planning a party for 20, 50 or 100 guests, we’ve got you covered with our epic party-planning guide.

The Ultimate Party Planning Guide

Step 1: Plan A Vision For Your Party

First, start with the basic questions, which will help you pinpoint exactly what you’d like your party to look and feel like.

Who: Who is the party for? Such a simple question, but it’s one that deserves asking. Creating a memorable night full of personal touches starts with knowing your audience and what they will love. Let this guide your decision-making.

Why: What’s the purpose of your party? Is it a birthday party? An engagement party? A ‘just because’ party?

The number of guests: How many guests do you want to attend your bash? This is super important since it will impact many decisions, everything from your choice of venue to catering and even your entertainment.

Next, pin down the practical details:

When: What date and time do you want to hold your party?

Where: Where will you hold the party?

Remember, if you’re planning a large 100-person cocktail party or sit down banquet, expect approximately 70 to 80 per cent of the people you invite to attend. We recommend inviting about 20 per cent more people as a buffer.

For a smaller, intimate dinner, invite closer to the realistic number of people you expect to attend. Don’t forget to include plus-ones in your estimate!

Step 2: Book Your Party Venue

Planning an amazing party means finding the perfect venue. The right party venue will bring your desired theme to life. When choosing your venue, think about how you want your event to look and feel. Do you want a classy and sophisticated dinner, a rocking dance party or a fun, glamorous cocktail party?

Create a list of must-have features for your party venue. For example:

  • Does the venue have a spectacular view?
  • Does it offer amazing food and cocktails for your guests?
  • Is decor provided, and do you have the ability to customise the event with your own DIY decor?
  • What are the lighting options?
  • Does the venue offer plenty of entertainment options?

Once you know what’s important to you, you’ll be in a better position to make sure your selected venue delivers the experience you want.

Step 3: Decide On A Theme & Decor (Optional)

A brilliant theme can take a party from average to wildly creative, memorable and fun. Giving your party a theme will let your audience know what to expect and something exciting to look forward to.

Use your theme to guide decisions around decor, food and music. Simple things like themed lighting and incredible food can enhance the vibe and make your party feel extra special.

Your party’s venue can assist you with things like:

  • Welcome signage
  • Balloons
  • A banner
  • Tables and chairs
  • A gift table
  • Lighting
  • Linen
  • Table settings
  • A dance floor

Remember to let your guests know your party theme way ahead of time, so they can dress up accordingly!

Step 4: Plan An Amazing Feast For Your Guests

Finger Food For 100 Guests

The key thing here is to make sure your guests aren’t left wanting for high-quality food and that your menu matches the look, feel and theme of your event. If you’re planning a huge get-together, make sure your selected venue can accommodate. Moda Events’ gourmet chefs can cater for up to 100 guests or more — a truly spectacular quantity of award-winning gourmet food!

If you’re hosting a classy cocktail event, you can’t go past culinary delights such as our divine canapés. We offer delicious vegetarian options, such as arancini with aioli, tomato and feta croustade, vegetable samosas and pakoras, bruschetta with pumpkin, feta and sage, and many more. Want to satisfy the carnivores in your social group? Try our Jamon with a crusty baguette and tomato, our famous chorizo and cider puffs, our pork belly lollypops, or our mouthwatering Kilpatrick oysters. For gluten-free crowd pleasers, think expertly-made sushi, a mini chicken taco or dressed crab on croute.

Cocktail Dishes For 50 Guests

In the mood for a cocktail party? Cocktail parties are all about the perfect balance of cocktails and mouth-watering appetisers that despite their small size, come packed with flavour and fill your guests’ bellies. We’ve got plenty of delicious cocktail dishes to satisfy your guests, from fish tacos with salsa and zesty yoghurt sauce to beef gruyere burgers, Jamon and cheese toasties with fruit chutney, lamb ragu with pasta, pecorino cheese and basil, and pulled beef sliders with southern BBQ slaw and paprika wedges, plus many more. For dessert (of course, a cocktail party deserves its very own dessert!), treat your guests to items from our Sweet Sensations menu: lemon meringue pies, chocolate mousse tarts, chocolate brownies and Crème Brulee.

A Seated Dinner For 20 Guests

Craving something more intimate like a sit-down dinner with the ones you love best? If you want to treat your dinner guests to award-winning gourmet cuisine (with spectacular views overlooking the Brisbane River), check out our seated menu. Start with gourmet tapas plates to share before filling up on delicious main dishes like short beef ribs, market fish and seafood risotto, glazed lamb shoulder, or baked salmon with herb yoghurt dressing. For dessert, share petit fours and cheese, or enjoy a food coma with our glorious chocolate truffle tart with orange and crème fraiche, sticky date pudding or apple crumble with cinnamon ice cream.

Of course, all of these food options are totally customisable and can be adapted to suit your vision for the event. Our amazing cocktail dishes, finger foods and seated dinners are available for any size party, large or small.

Step 5: Plan Fun Entertainment

Once your celebration is over, it’s likely the food and entertainment that your guests will remember most. Here are a couple of ideas to make your party extra memorable:

  • Live music with a band or DJ
  • A photo booth with creative and crazy props
  • Party games with lots of fun prizes
  • Swag bags and party favours
  • A dance competition
  • A photographer to capture the magic
  • Fireworks

Whether you’re looking to host a high-society cocktail party, an intimate, classy dinner party or an awesome dance party, Moda Events Portside in Brisbane is the perfect setting. Get in touch with the Moda Events team to book and start planning your party.

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