Five of the Most Unique and Impressive Virtual Events

Virtual events have been growing in popularity, and it does not appear that this trend will slow down. There are still many unknowns as event planners, venues, teams on-site, and others involved in the event’s lifecycle plan for a future filled with hybrid events. These virtual event examples are a great way to start.

These examples of virtual events are from a variety of industries. They vary in length, technology, and size. They all have one thing in common: They all took place in 2020 as virtual events became more popular.

We hope these virtual event examples will inspire you and spark new ideas, regardless of whether you are a planner putting together your first event or a venue manager.

Check out 5 of our favourite virtual events:

Salesforce World Tour Sydney Reimagined

Due to COVID-19, Salesforce was the first to switch to virtual events. This was done for the World Tour event, which took place in March. Salesforce stated that the safety and well-being of its employees, customers, and community safety and well-being are their top priorities. World Tour is now an online event. This eliminates the need to travel to Sydney and allows attendees to enjoy the content.

It was a huge success. Salesforce reported that the event attracted 1.2 million views across social media channels. This was in addition to the 80,000 live stream viewers. Most impressive was the turnaround. Salesforce decided to make the World Tour a virtual-only event in February. Renata Bertram (Salesforce vice president of Marketing) said that the team “in only 10 business days” reimagined how they deliver their annual flagship event in the Asia Pacific.

The event was more than just a Livestream. After the event, on-demand videos were made available. The audience had an interactive experience, one of the key success factors for virtual events. For example, take the AppExchange Demo Jam. Participants were allowed a three-minute window to present their apps through a live demo during the session. The audience watched the presentations and then had the opportunity to vote for their favourite. It’s a simple idea, but it works.

The NBA is relaunching.

Although it may seem like an unlikely event, the restart of the NBA season for 2019-20 is real. After being shut down for over four months, the season resumed on July 30, after a long hiatus. After no fans were allowed into the “bubble” of the league in Orlando, the NBA decided to do something else to see the games in person. The NBA has created a new technology that allows fans to view the games on video boards in the arena. This is for coaches and players and anyone else watching from around the globe. This virtual fan experience was created by Microsoft Teams’ Together mode, which “uses AI segmentation technology” to bring people together in a shared background such as a conference room or coffee shop.

“We wanted something that would bring our players to our fans,” Sara Zuckert (head of NextGen Telecast for the NBA) told The New York Times. It’s also a way for fans to interact with the broadcast while also improving the experience for everyone at home.

The NBA also made many changes to improve the fan experience at home. These changes include:

  • To showcase new angles, dozens of cameras were moved closer to the court.
  • Microphones are placed around the court to capture higher-quality sounds such as ball bounces and sneaker squeaks.
  • On-site DJs and announcers are available to reproduce the sounds viewers and teams are used to.
  • Virtual cheering. This allows fans to digitally cheer for a team via the NBA App, or Twitter by using team hashtags. These “cheers” can then be displayed on in-arena video boards using graphics and animations to “capture global fan engagement.”

SBC Digital Summit

The event was designed to offer attendees an interactive experience. It took place between April 27 and May 1. It did exactly that.

The SBC Digital Summit used “an advanced digital platform” to provide summit delegates access to full-on virtual event space, which offers many of the same benefits as a physical conference or exhibition.

Virtual visitors “arrived” in the Lobby Area, where they were granted access to several rooms throughout the virtual venue. The Exhibition Hall was where attendees could visit booths, talk to exhibitors, and see products. The Conference Auditorium was where participants could listen to presentations and panels by speakers. The Networking Lounge was also where attendees could interact privately with one another or in groups.

The Great American 5000 by Sports Backers

The Great American 5000 virtual running program offers a new way to get in shape. Participants can run for three months from San Francisco to New York. Here’s how it works.

  • Registrants form a group of 12 to 24 people to run, walk or hike for 24 hours per day to complete their trek of 3,107 miles (5,000 km).
  • A virtual map tracks each group’s progress across the country, while a leaderboard displays daily standings.
  • Strava and Map My Run are GPS apps that track runners.
  • The journey takes three months for teams (June 14 through September 14).
  • Teams are encouraged to raise funds for Feeding America as the race’s official charity and donate money.

Jon Lugbill (executive director of Sports Backers), via NBC 12, stated that “with the creation of this event, we want people to connect on teams and to continue competing in an athletic competition.” The Great American 5000 gives you the chance to make your dream of running across America a little more possible while raising money for Feeding America.

Tomorrowland Around The Globe — The Digital Festival

In July, the huge Belgian music festival joined virtual events. This gave attendees an unprecedented musical experience. Tomorrowland provided interactive entertainment for its attendees, including performances by Katy Perry, Steve Aoki and Martin Garrix.

The Festival featured performers performing on virtual stages before thousands of fans on a virtual island. The Festival featured special effects, laser shows, sound effects, and fireworks, all like a real music festival.

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