How to turn your virtual events into engaging shows?

Event planners are always focused on improving the experience of virtual events. It is crucial to place high-quality content on the top priority list to create memorable experiences. Memorable events will have content that tells stories. Bonus points if there’s some laughter. And that your audience continues to talk about long after the event is over. Engaged, connected crowds will retain information and feel closer to your brand.

We drew on the real-world experience of Brandlive, a premium communications and event tech provider, to help us develop this content. Brandlive is a leading event tech provider that has been known for its ability to fine-tune the visual presentation on its platform. This has enabled it to virtual power events for some of the most brand-conscious companies in the world. The unique perspective gained from this work is that content quality matters most when engaging people and driving impact.

Elevating Virtual Event Production

The conception stage is the most important step in producing TV-quality content for your next virtual conference. This isn’t something to be intimidated about. A planner does not need to be a qualified TV producer. Planners can produce high-quality content worth watching by using the right technology and framework.

Get inspiration from your favorite shows.

Television is the best source of content for virtual events. These extra touches, including titles and backgrounds, can make a virtual event feel larger than just talking heads or taking webcam shots.

Imagine your virtual event content as a story arc.

When planning your event, consider the story you want to tell and how it will weave throughout the show. Planners can add to the event’s storyline with B-roll and other visuals. They can also transition between live and prerecorded content to keep the flow flowing and keep the audience interested.

Create high-quality content with a production tool

Creating enhanced production elements becomes easy when you have the right technology. The Brandlive content production studio was designed with these functions in mind. Planners can use intuitive and sophisticated features to produce TV-style content, even if they don’t have any training in technical production or video editing.

Pro-Level Productions in the Industry

These industry tips can help planners make your event more memorable, whether a town hall or customer conference.

Practice makes perfect

Proper planning will always pay off when you want to avoid or minimize any hiccups during showtime. Planners can easily schedule rehearsals and conduct tech checks using Brandlive’s Streams platform.

Choose between live and prerecorded content

Each option has its challenges and advantages, but both can elevate and add value to an event. Planners can mix live and prerecorded content to give their audience the best of both spheres.

Less is more

Your audience may notice you drifting off during segments of your show. You can combat this by creating visual, bite-sized sessions that appeal to your audience’s interests.

Take a high note

A three to five-minute intro video with music can help you kick off the event and allow your audience to get settled in. Once everyone is in, let your event build-up to your most important takeaways.

Engage your senses

Your visuals are just as important as sound. Your attentive audience will be distracted if there are any audio issues or silences. You can play music between speaking sessions.

Closing credits

You might consider adding credits or a “Thank You” at the end of your broadcast. These can be used to signal your audience that your event is over.

Create Engaging Shows

Planners must think more like TV producers to produce high-quality content at events. Planners can produce high-impact content by creating a storyline throughout the event, using industry tips and the right tools.

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