The Ultimate Guide to Corporate Events Announcements

Are you looking for an overview of corporate event announcements? We’ve got you covered. We’ve got everything you need to know about corporate event announcements, their importance, and the information you should include. It might not be as obvious as you think. Save time and use these 11 awesome corporate event announcement email templates for any occasion.

What is a corporate event announcement, and why is it important?

Notices about corporate events are sent to the appropriate invitees and include:

  • What is the event?
  • They should attend
  • If they are interested in taking part, what next steps should they take?

They are important because:

  • Help gauge event interest
  • Renew existing relationships by offering a valuable service
  • Give valuable information about the interests of your target audience

How can I invite people to a corporate event?

There are many options for inviting people to corporate events. The easiest is to use a calendar app or email.

What information should an announcement about a corporate event include?

An announcement about a corporate event should contain:

  • Use a relevant subject line to grab attention and set the tone.
  • The greeting sets the tone for the event
  • There must be at least one reason the recipient was selected for an invitation
  • Details about the event, including name, location, date and relevance
  • Register for any appealing event.
  • Clear CTA/next steps they should take to register or learn more about the event

Corporate event announcement templates that you can use

Copy + Paste these email templates and subject lines to save time. Or use them as inspiration for your own words.

Announce your seminar.

Subject line You’re invited to our [industry] seminar

Body: Dear [recipient name],

We have selected you as one of the most inspiring and successful leaders in [industry] to attend our next seminar at [location]. We feature experts in [subjects] to discuss topics of high importance that we believe you will be interested in.

These are just a few highlights.

  • [Event activity 1]
  • [Event activity 2]
  • [Event activity 3]

We have limited space and would love to see everyone. Please register by clicking this link by [time] and [date] to reserve your spot.

We look forward to seeing you there.

[Sender Name]

Invite your audience to a conference that you are hosting.

Subject line Save the date: [Conference Name] is almost here

Body An announcement [conference name] for the [year]

We are so happy to share with you the great news: [Conference Name] will be [debuting/returning] to [city/state] on [date(s). You won’t be disappointed by our amazing lineup of speakers, which includes [name],[name], and [name]. As we mastermind the [main conference topic] and the future of our industry for [year] and beyond, please join us!

[Insert conference trailer]

Register now to be added to our waitlist to receive tickets as soon as they go on sale.

We cannot wait!

[Sender Name]

Encourage a conference where you are speaking.

Subject line Going to [conference name]? We hope to see you there

Body Hey [name],

It is an honor to announce that [our company] will speak at [conference name] at this year’s conference! We will be sharing the most recent tips and tricks from our knowledge bank about [subject] at the [stage location] during [time].

It would be great to see familiar faces at the event. Are you going?

Let us know so that we can all meet up.

[Sender Name]

Announce your tradeshow.

Subject line Please be our guest

Body Dear [name],

We are proud to be among the most skilled and proficient professionals in our industry. Please join us at this year’s trade show. We will discuss the latest trends, introduce you and help you find potential clients. Register here to register for the event on [date] at[location].

We look forward to your participation.

[Sender Name]

Information about trade shows you, sponsor.

Subject line See you at [trade name] in [city]

Body Dear [name],

We are delighted to announce our partnership for [host company name]’s annual [industry] trade show, [tradeshow name]. We are so convinced by their mission statement that we have sponsored [whatever you’re sponsoring]. We are especially excited about [featured activity].

Register here for the trade show. We will love to meet you at the event if you plan to attend.

We are grateful for your support.

[Sender Name]

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