These are the Best Free Event Planning Documents and Ways to Maximize Your Use of Them

Your event’s roadmap is the event planning document. These documents are essential for planning events. They should be clear, concise, understandable, and always available.

Many resources and tools are available that can help you organize your important documents. You can find most event planning documents today in digital format, just like road maps. Continue reading to learn about free templates for event planning and tips to organize and optimize your event documents.

Quick-start list of 9 free event planning document templates:

These are great starting points for building your library. To give your documents, especially client-facing, a professional look, add your company branding.

Event timeline:

This event timeline template covers events of three lead times: 14 days to 90 days and 6+ months. This template is provided by Enhance Entertainment, an Australian events company.

Contract with the client:

This event planning contract is a simple document from the digital signature company Docsketch. You can skip entering your email address and go directly to downloading–it’s an option located under the blue oval “send to me” button.

Event budget:

This Excel budget spreadsheet is simple to use. You can customize the line items to suit your needs. The spreadsheet will calculate expected and actual event income and expenses and then display them in a professional graph. Even if you don’t have a budget spreadsheet, it is worth looking at.

Event management tracker

The event tracker by MS Office allows you to track actual and expected employee hours and costs across job groups. This tool is best for corporate planners.

5. RFPs:

The Events Industry Council has sample RFPs that are easy to customize for vendors and venues.

Marketing timeline

Smartsheet provides a helpful event marketing timeline already created in Excel and ready to be tailored for your events.


Social tables sales & catering CRM event planning software can automatically generate BEOs. These key documents contain a lot of information, so they need to be easy to understand.

Run of the Show:

The Run of Show Template template from The AV Company is simple and has three tabs. Instructions, the template, and a detailed example that you can follow.


Typeform’s Feedback Survey after an event is over is one of the most interesting. You can collect 100 responses per month with the free version.

How to Optimize & Organize Your Event Planning Documents

Event planning checklists

The event planning checklist is like shoes. You need the right size for the job.

Even fundraisers, often of the same type, can have different planning checklists. Your two planning checklists for a gala for a symphony or a Fall Fun Run/Raffle day for an elementary school will differ from your dress shoes and high-end running shoes.

The gala’s list might include items related to A/V, strict venue guidelines, and a strategy to attract top donors from previous years. Volunteer management and sponsorship of scouting events will be key components of the Fun Run at school.

Social Tables’ guidelines can be used to create a customized ed plan checklist for each event on your calendar.

RFPs for Events

It is important to clearly state your event requirements in RFPs so vendors and venues can show their ability to fulfill them. A good indicator of professionalism is how comprehensively they respond. Are they able to answer all your questions and provide all the information you need? This is a sign of a good relationship.

Event contracts

Event contracts are one of the most important documents in your event planning document. They ensure that you are paid for your expertise and that vendors and venues fulfill their obligations.

Client contracts – A tight client contract protects you and the client from unprofessional behavior and unexpected situations. This 6 list will help you ensure that your event planning contract covers all bases.

Venue contracts This contract is crucial to any event’s success. Learn how to negotiate win/win venue contracts.

F&B Contracts: Do not sleep over the F&B clauses. You should pay attention to minimums, regardless of whether you might go below or above them.

Event timelines

This template will help you get started, regardless of whether your timeline is set up in weeks or months. You will need to tailor your timeline for each event for the best results. You will need to create a marketing timeline for some events to generate interest. Others will require you to finalize special dietary requests, and others will allow you late registration. How to create a long-term event planning timeline.

Event budgets

Even though event budgets can be as diverse as the events themselves, the best ones share these commonalities:

They segregate fixed and variable costs. The fixed costs are not affected by the number of attendees (e.g., venue, A/V marketing, entertainment). Variable costs vary based on guest counts. (e.g., room rentals, meals).

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